The Beginning of Our Story

Simon’s White Wedding Cars was founded under rather unique circumstances. As my fiancé and I, had never had any involvement or experience in the wedding industry. Apart from attending friends weddings of course.   So, it’s strange to look back on how we got here today as the company was born out of a rather frustrating set of circumstances that anyone that has planned a wedding will know all too well.

We got engaged back in 2016 and it was understandably one of the most exciting moments of both our lives. After the initial excitement subsided.  We realised that we had a massive amount of planning to do in order to have our perfect wedding day organised by our intended date in 2021.  We had been lucky in life to have experienced and enjoyed some of the finer things in life.

Finest service

Consequently we knew the level of service and attention to detail we were looking for on our special day.  Even with five years of planning we knew we had lots to do. From arranging everything from the wedding venue to guest list, to the menu, so we were anxious to get the ball rolling so everything was ready in time.

Unfortunately, circumstances dictated that we had to move the wedding ahead of our original date to 2017. Hence slashing our planning time from five years to six months.  Six months to plan our dream Essex wedding!  This meant we had to spend a lot of time on the internet trying to find our dream wedding suppliers.

We took the challenge head on and were surprised at how much we managed to organise in such a short time. After selecting our date we somehow managed to secure our dream wedding venue. Now with everything falling into place despite the small window of opportunity to organise the big day.

The Right Wedding Car

The only thing left was our wedding transport. We needed three vehicles and had decided to go for a luxury Mercedes S Class white wedding car. Ideally to fit the classic wedding theme we were going for.  Also knowing it was large enough for the comfort of our wedding party.  Rather than a vintage vehicles that lacked the comforts we desired.  So while we knew we were pushing it tight, we figured it should be easy enough to get the perfect white wedding cars.

After all, we live on the border between Essex and Suffolk, both of which have plenty of wedding car hire services. While London wedding car services were only a short distance away should we have to try further afield. How difficult could it really be to get three white luxury wedding cars?
The answer – it was impossible.

Every detail counts.

Arrive in the ultimate style, class and comfort.

Don’t worry we have you covered.

We drive to serve you.

Our wedding cars only do one wedding per day.


A Struggle to Find a Reliable Wedding Car Company

While we understood the challenges of finding a wedding car at short notice. So the fact we were lucky enough to have two counties and London itself to find our wedding transport gave us confidence we could find something.  However, this proved to be frustratingly inaccurate, with almost every wedding car company that we came across being unreliable. From poorly designed websites that had misleading photos of their cars. Then to be told to wait 72 hours for a response and not receiving anything. We thought our luck had run out.

Most of the companies appeared to be overbooked but didn’t want to make this clear, with booking forms misleadingly indicating that cars were available. We were amazed that so many so-called luxury wedding car companies lacked transparency about the availability of their service or wedding vehicles.

Moreover, the fact we struggled to find a company in Suffolk or Essex offering a Mercedes S class white wedding limousine left us perplexed. For us, white is the quintessential colour for a wedding car and very popular for many other events, so why was it so hard to find one?

It was in this moment that we realised if we can’t find a reliable wedding car hire service, why not start our own?


Creating the Wedding Car Company We Were Looking For

As the old saying goes, if you want something done, do it yourself! We took advice head on and decided that if we couldn’t find the right wedding car company that we would form it ourselves. As a bride and groom to be, we were constantly frustrated by the poor options available and the lack of a reliable service, so wanted to create a company that offered everything we struggled to find.

This meant a fleet of white luxury wedding cars driven by courteous chauffeurs, a reliable and transparent service. So an efficient business model that made more cars available for more weddings in the Essex, London and Suffolk area.  First class service, to lose the waiting time for prices and information. We developed our online wedding car booking system. A system that would provide you with all the wedding car options at the click of a button.

Wedding car price list

A wedding car price list that was visible and interactive. Hence changing as you entered your chosen options, but always showing the true cost of your wedding transport hire and the availability. The finest service that meant, no more waiting for emails or telephone calls to get a price or confirm your wedding car booking.

Cars would be available 24/7 and each vehicle would be assigned a single wedding each day. Hence the last thing we wanted was to rush our guests through their wedding transport! All cars would be white, in pristine condition both inside and out, with everything maintained to highest standards for our clients.

The white glove service we dreamed for our own wedding would be standard practice, with experienced wedding chauffeurs providing the best transport while the bride, groom, and wedding party relax in the upmost comfort.

Of course, every wedding is different, so we wanted to offer a bespoke service that is tailor-made to requirements of each client, ensuring the wedding transport matches the theme of the wedding itself.

We also wanted to offer a complete service for your wedding journey.  So we also set up a Luxury wedding dress shopping transport experience to start your journey.  Also a luxury airport drop off for your honeymoon.  Both with the same first class service as standard.


Chauffeur Driven Wedding Services to Make the Big Day Feel Even More Special

For us, the wedding chauffeur plays an important role in your wedding day transport. They are not a taxi driver that wants to get you from A to B as quickly as possible to move on to the next fare. We are there as a professional white glove chauffeur who is there for your wedding day well being and  to make the day feel even more special.

They will wait on your every need and make sure nothing goes wrong. Hence by understanding your wedding day. They would be fully prepared for all possibilities and unforeseen circumstances that could arise on the big day.

So whether it’s covering you with an umbrella on those rainy days.  Providing cooling towels for those hotter summer weddings. Providing blankets for cold days and even a sewing kit should there be a wardrobe malfunction. Anything to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch – a white glove service in every sense.

Our chauffeur driven wedding car hire service would embody the special relationship we wanted to share with our clients. As we knew all too well how much of a difference it makes on the big day.  A vintage service, where attention to detail is party to delivering a first class service.


A Luxury Vehicle Fit for Any Wedding

Once we knew the level of wedding car service we wanted to provide. It was time to choose the right vehicles for this service. As mentioned, we love the classic white wedding car, but aesthetics only counts for so much, with our goal to provide both comfort and style for the bride, groom, and their parties.
So, what cars could compliment the white glove service we aspired to provide?

After much thought, we realised it was a clear choice. The award-winning Mercedes S Class that we wanted for our own wedding.  These vehicles embody style, sophistication, and luxury. Hence carrying a reputation as one of the world’s leading chauffeur driven private hire cars.
The best wedding cars.  As our business grows, we continue to add a wider selection of vehicles beyond the S-Class.

Thus highlighting our commitment to quality. Our desire to provide every bride and groom with many options – something we struggled with when planning our own wedding.

Luxury wedding limousines

Of course, we are not here to drive business executives around town. So we opted for long wheel base variations to give the bride, groom, and any guests plenty of leg room in the rear compartment.

After all, wedding dresses can take up a lot of space. Hence the last thing we ever wanted was for the bride to feel crammed into her wedding car!

Each vehicle exudes luxury, from the finest leather trim on the heated and cooling seating, while all the bells and whistles are included. We have branded champagne, breath mints, umbrellas, sewing kits and cooling towels. Even on-board entertainment – anything to enhance the wedding transport experience for our clients.

Modern wedding car fleet

Currently, our fleet of luxury wedding cars include the following vehicles:


1.Mercedes S-Class S500 Pullman: Six Door Limousine for up to Six People.
2.Mercedes E -Class E280: Six Door Limousine for up to Six People.
3.Mercedes S-Class S500L: Four Door Car for up to Two People.

4.Mercedes S-Class S63L: Four Door Sports Car for up to Two People.
5.Mercedes S-Class S350L: Four Door Car for up to Two People.

6.Mercedes S-Class S350L exe: Four Door Car for up to Two People.

7. Mercedes VIP Sprinter minibus: Luxury minibus for seven people


Note: Each vehicle can sit an extra one person in the front passenger seat if required!



Complete Transparency

Our goal is always to remain 100% honest and transparent to our customers. We struggled to find this with other wedding car hire websites during our own experiences. Hence it’s something that is very close to home.
We want to stand out above the other wedding car businesses. By providing honest information on the availability of our vehicles and the entire services we provide. This isn’t a large corporation running a massive fleet of vehicles and obsessed with making profits.

We are a small, family owned business that wants to provide the best quality wedding car hire service in the country. There are no misleading photos on our site. Hence what you see is exactly what the cars look like. All the wedding vehicles have a 360-degree camera capturing every square inch inside the car.

This ensures that you know exactly what the car looks like so there are no surprises on your big day. You can even zoom in to view the finer details. Which we believe is a must-have feature because we know that you want the perfect vehicle for your wedding day transport!

Better still, if you or someone you know owns a VR headset you can use this for an immersive view inside the vehicle. It’s like sitting inside yourself and will give you the most accurate view of what the car looks and feels like. Not many companies provide such incredible attention to detail!


Instant Booking Made Easy

Our booking system couldn’t be easier to understand. Simply enter your desired date. The available vehicles are shown for that date. Select the link to your chosen wedding car and add your options.  If you are unsure you can give us a call or contact online! Rest assured; we will get back to you unlike the many companies we dealt with!

To determine pricing, simply check out our mileage guide that clearly explains the pricing based on your required mileage. You won’t fill in any forms for a quote or need to email us and wait days for a response. It is instant wedding car hire quote and booking system made quick and easy.

The price of your wedding car is clearly displayed. There are no hidden fees or charges we’ll spring on you. What you see is what you pay!


Our Packages

All our packages include the following:

Chauffeur in black or grey suit

White-glove service

Private 20 minute drive for the newly weds

Our ribbons on car *

Branded champagne (Happy couple)

Still water


Silk flowers in car

Flags on car *

Four umbrellas

Four blankets

Cooling ice towels

3hr hire with 50 miles

(*you can personalise these as an optional extra)

Luxury chauffeur driven wedding car service in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, London and Cambridgeshire

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