The cost of a wedding car

The price of a wedding car for transporting the bridal party is something that every couple to be (or parents of) need to know. So how easy is it to find the cost to hire a wedding car and a get a quote, is the first question.

A lot of wedding car rental businesses advertise instant wedding car quote, but ask you to fill in forms with details and then click send. Then await an email from them with the quote. This is far from an instant quote! or seeing instantly the price of your wedding car hire.

With our instant wedding car hire quote, you can have your quote within 60 seconds. Yes in 60 seconds you will know your wedding car hire price, now that is instant. Moreover we provide an easy to use quick guide to aid you with the mileage calculation.

Simply just select the County your wedding is in. Say Essex for example, now select your local town or nearest town to your desired pick up address. Say Brentwood for example, your estimated mileage is now shown.

No other wedding car company offers you more help, more choices, more luxury and more included to achieve the perfect transport for your bridal party.

Consequently we don’t just provide a wedding car hire! Our white glove luxury chauffeured wedding car service provides you with the ultimate luxury wedding car experience for you and your wedding party in our fleet of wedding cars.


Instant online wedding car hire price

How easy? With our instant online wedding car rental quote, the answer is very easy, so no need to wait for emails for your wedding car cost.

This is just how easy it is:

  1. Choose your wedding car
  2. Select your date and mileage package
  3. Your online quote is now shown
  4. If desired, add your bespoke features and extras to the price
  5. Book your wedding car instantly online and reserve it for £10
  6. Choose how to pay for your wedding transport

Yes it really is that easy to get an instant online quote and price for your wedding car transport.

Why do costs vary on wedding transport

In simple terms, it’s about the car. Not all cars are the same and offer different standards and levels of luxury. Example: A Mercedes C Class will be a lot cheaper than a Mercedes S Class. Yes they are both Mercedes, but the C Class is an entry level small family saloon. The S Class is the Mercedes luxury flagship for their brand, a luxury specification and of course a lot bigger. Hence, why it is used for all top executive luxury transfers and wins awards every year for the best luxury executive chauffeured driven car.

The Wedding car you choose

So, the size, standard and type of a car you choose will have an impact on the wedding car cost. This varies with different types of wedding parties. Whether transporting the bridal party to the wedding ceremony and reception venue. Maybe just the bride and father of the bride on your special day. So choose the right type of car for your wedding day transport needs. Remember the bride and groom will also be transported after the wedding.

Also think about the size of your car, wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. It would be pointless having a wedding vehicle too small to comfortably fit you and your dress. Also if its summer, does your chosen transportation have climate control? The last thing you want for your wellbeing on your big day is to be stressing and uncomfortable.

The age of the vehicle will also have an impact on the cost, for many reasons, example a 3-5 year old car is going to cost more than a 10-15 year old car. Moreover think of your own personal car 10 years ago and now. Technology, safety features and luxury features have all been improved for your convenience and safety. Hence in most cases the newer car will cost more, exception being classic wedding cars of course. Vintage wedding cars? This is normally a car that was produced between 1919 and 1930, of course with both of these they are replica models.


A wedding car hire cost is also based on the miles the car does during its hire. Similar to a taxi for example, if you asked a taxi to travel 40 miles away from you. It would be a lot more expensive than one travelling from 5 miles away from you.

A local wedding car near me

If you have a local wedding car company near you, this should be the cheapest. Presuming the cars and service are like for like. Unless you need a particular type of car or service?  A local wedding car rental will always be cheaper to transport the bridal party because of the mileage the car does.

Most wedding car companies will provide ribbons and silk flowers as standard and some will offer the option of  ribbon choice to colour match your wedding day theme. Some suppliers will offer complimentary bubbly for the bridal car, which is a clever way of saying processco, sparkling wine or cheap champagne. Others offer branded champagne, some may just supply glasses and an ice bucket. The ones that just offer to supply glasses and an ice bucket, probably realise that they do not have a premises licence to sell or serve alcohol.

I personally take my hat off to these companies not wanting to break the law. The others, well I can only say that in our District for example, there are maybe 30 companies advertising free bubbly. I know we are the only company licensed to actually supply alcohol.  It’s free I hear you say, no it’s part of the package with the car therefore we require a license. If it was free, you could just go to their office and ask for a glass of bubbly for example and they would say it’s with the car booking.

Length of wedding car hire

Another factor of course is the amount of time you have the car for. Some companies will only do one wedding a day, ensuring their full focus and attentions on that wedding party and their day. This is normally a 3 hr hire as standard. Hence this gives you enough time for multiple trips to transport the bridal party. Also photos and even a private drive for the happy couple. Some companies will do just a pick up and drop off. Obviously this is cheaper, but often the car is rushing off to another booked job and if you are delayed you may loose your car.

Wedding car hire

Some people think it’s just about putting ribbons on a car. This is normally very far from the truth for most companies. As an example I wish they could have a day with us. On your wedding day, the car is washed and hoovered. Then prepared with ribbons and flags on the outside.

Moreover the freshly washed and ironed napkins are placed in the car. Cooling towels are made and placed with the chilled water and branded Champagne in either the car fridge or cooling box. The washed blankets are folded and placed in a box in the boot.  Then the route and weather is checked again.

If it’s forecast rain, more white umbrellas are placed in the boot.  If any roadworks or delays are found on your chosen route, we adjust our times. Finally time to get washed and suited. Its all above the care of your wellbeing and attention to detail.

We now leave and aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the booked time. On its arrival the car is cleaned again and the vehicle set up for its first trip. Well, that’s how we do it, for more info click Luxury chauffeured wedding car hire for your special day. Your wedding day wellbeing, we have you covered.

Free wedding car upgrade? Please refer to our terms & Conditions

Can I get an Instant wedding car quote


  1. Yes you can get a wedding car cost instantly online
  2. You can book your wedding car hire instantly online
  3. A large luxury wedding vehicle will cost more than a small wedding vehicle
  4. Local, a local wedding car hire company near you should always be your cheapest quote, like for like
  5. 3hr wedding car rental will cost more, but gives you a lot more

Luxury wedding transport service

Unlike any other wedding car hire company, we provide a luxury white gloved wedding car service experience for your bridal parties wellbeing. Which we deliver in our luxury chauffeur driven fleet of Mercedes Limousine’s and limo’s. After all this why SWWC was set up to deliver the ultimate luxury wedding car experience in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

We offer more choice with our bespoke options, which you can personalise to your wedding theme.  Moreover you also have the choice of 6 chauffeur uniforms to choose from, these have been tailor made to our designs and are totally bespoke to Simon’s white wedding cars.

We also offer the same level of service for our luxury private car hire.

Consequently covering our Luxury Yes to the dress transport and honeymoon airport transfer.


 Luxury White glove wedding car hire in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire with all inclusive ultra luxury as standard.

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