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Wedding car fleet in Essex

Our Wedding Car Hire in Essex

Simon’s Wedding Cars is a white glove wedding car hire service available throughout Essex. We have an extensive range of luxury wedding cars that are perfect for your big day.

Luxury wedding car suffolk

Wedding car hire? or Wedding car service?

Is there a difference?
Yes, we believe so! Unlike some companies, we don’t just drive you…

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LGBTQ Wedding Car

LGBTQ Wedding Car service LGBTQ friendly wedding car hire service. We believe people are people and love is love. Life is really that simple. On a personal note, 25% of our family are LGBTQ, as well as many close friends. So as a wedding car hire company we are naturally LGBTQ friendly. Fact is as… Read more »

Understanding your wedding day

Understanding your wedding day

The truth is, most couples do not manage to get much if any quality alone time.

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Welcome Offer

Welcome to Suffolk’s finest wedding car hire & service. Enter the Code SWWC25 at the checkout to receive 25% off your entire booking! 

first class wedding car hire in Suffolk

Wedding Car Hire. What you need to know

When arranging transportation for your wedding day, there are lots of things to think about.

Perfect wedding car service in essex

Five things to consider about your perfect wedding cars hire

1. Are you getting married in summer?

Stress free wedding car hire Essex for your wedding day

Wedding day tips for a stress-free day

Here are just a few tips to make sure you have a stress-free and enjoyable wedding day.