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What makes the best wedding chauffeur car day experience?  The best wedding car chauffeurs, providing the finest luxury service for your big day. Often compared to a butler service, our wedding chauffeurs provide the most luxurious service.

So, what do you expect from your wedding car hire service?  Maybe just a driver to drive you in a nice car. We don’t just drive you, we drive to serve you.

We believe the wedding car or vehicle is just a product!   A product that most people choose on their desires and maybe theme of the wedding.  Without giving any thought to the level of service that may accompany that product.

With our service you are taken on a journey, a chauffeur attends to your needs and that of your party. The well being of you and your party is their main concern.

Chauffeur or driver

The definition of the word Chauffeur:  A person employed to drive a private or hired car. However there is a difference between a driver and chauffeur.

Chauffeurs are accountable for their actions, and as a result, work hard to serve customers giving them perfect experience.

A driver is simply someone who operates a vehicle, while a chauffeur is a professional who is hired to drive. For example, consider a taxi service like Uber or Lyft, which allows just about anyone to become a driver. …

Wedding chauffeur service

Luxury wedding chauffeur

Professional Wedding Chauffeurs

A wedding chauffeur will evolve his whole intentions and thoughts around you and your wedding party.  Strangely with the best wedding chauffeur services, come the most luxury cars.

Maybe this just endorses the pride and love needed to supply the attention to detail required to deliver a luxury service.  That having a luxury product goes hand in hand.

An example maybe when you look at pictures?  A driver holding the door open for the bride.  A chauffeur holding the door and helping the bride out, whilst holding her wedding bouquet.

From the example above if you pay attention to detail whilst seeing photos online, you will see the difference.  Hence there is a big difference in the level of service, care and attention you will receive.
Finest wedding car chauffeur

First Class transport

At Simons White Wedding cars we wanted to take our chauffeur driven service to the highest level. That the words first class, treated like VIP’s and felt like royalty would reflect the special experience of our brides and grooms.

We provide luxury  white glove wedding chauffeur services.  The whole experience is based on luxury.  The finest wedding service that cares about your wedding day wellbeing. Also that of your bridal party and guests.

A service that is prepared for the day ahead.  Therefore nothing is left to chance. Your wedding car Chauffeur will ensure the wedding car is spotless and will endeavour to keep it that way.  They will also check the weather and load the wedding car accordingly.

Our wedding cars carry as standard, white umbrellas and blankets. A sewing kit and phone chargers.  Also, each vehicle even has its own hoover on board.

Additionally  we carry chilled water and mints. Cooling towels and of course the FREE branded champagne to celebrate your new status.

Wedding car hire with Champagne

 Chauffeur driven Services

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide.  On arrival, once we have re-cleaned the wedding car, we are at your service.  A bowl of mints in one hand, a tray of cooling towels in the other.

Offering these to you and your wedding party. Enquiring about your well being and advising how to use the cooling towels should you be nervous.

Then enquiring if you would like us to carry your wedding dress train.  We do this from destination and the church or ceremony arrival address. Carrying your wedding dress train from door to door to prevent it from getting dirty.

Before your wedding ceremony and after our dedicated professional wedding chauffeurs are serving you and your guests.  Ensuring the well being of you all at all times.

For more details about your wedding day see our luxury chauffeured wedding car services.

Our Product

We chose the multi award winning Mercedes S class.  A leader in luxury transport and the choice of most high class chauffeur services around the world.  These vehicles are designed and built around passenger comfort. Thus the perfect vehicle for the best wedding chauffeur service.

To enhance this further, all our Mercedes S class wedding car’s are the LWB versions. The long wheel base versions gives even more space to the rear passengers, perfect for a large wedding dress.

Currently two of our Mercedes S class wedding cars have magic body control. The car basically reads the roads surface ahead and adjusts its suspension to the conditions.  Compares to the nearest thing to riding on a magic carpet.  Mercedes S63L AMG and Mercedes S500L.

To compliment our four white Mercedes S class wedding cars. We also have two stretched 6 door Mercedes limousines.  Carrying up to 6 people, ideal for larger bridal or grooms parties.

A fantastic white Mercedes Pullman and a white Mercedes E280. Our finest wedding chauffeured vehicles are available in London. Essex. Suffolk. Norfolk. Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Personal touch, we also offer a range of wedding car options included as standard.  Also you can personalise our wedding ribbons and flags with your names and date for example. Tailor your wedding car hire.

Luxury wedding transportation

Luxury wedding transportation, enhancing this even further we now can supply a range of VIP minibuses. These minibuses offer first comfort and travel for up to 13 wedding guests.

Enjoy the finest first class cabins and wedding chauffeur to enhance your luxury wedding even further. Transporting your wedding party has never been so easy and classy.

So, let us take the pressure off your transport requirements and transport your wedding party in the ultimate style, class and comfort. Thus providing the finest and best wedding chauffeur service in the UK.

Luxury Chauffeured wedding cars

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