Luxury chauffeur driven wedding car services

All of our luxury white Mercedes cars are some of the best wedding cars in the UK.  However this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Providing the finest Luxury chauffeured wedding car services is really what we are about.

More than just your standard wedding car hire.  In fact, a service that will be one of the highlights of your wedding day.

The care and attention to detail will  surpass your expectations of the journey ahead with your wedding car chauffeur.

Where you are truly the VIP’s on this special day in our luxury chauffeured wedding car service. The luxury experience is always one of the highlights of every couples wedding day.

Please read on to understand how your wedding day will proceed with our luxury chauffeured wedding car service. We want to ensure you receive the most from our services.

The start of the wedding day journey

On your special day, your chosen Mercedes chauffeur driven wedding car is cleaned and dressed with the wedding ribbons and flags you have chosen.  This is done first thing in the morning. The iced cooling towels are made.  Then the chilled water, cooling towels and complimentary branded champagne are placed in the cars cooling box or fridge.

Your wedding cars will now depart with its chauffeur and aim to arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Once your car arrives, your chauffeur will clean the car again and place the chilled water in the car for your convenience.

Wedding chauffeur service

 White gloved chauffeured driven wedding car

The white gloved wedding car service now begins. Our chauffeur will come and introduce themselves, a bowl of mints in hand to offer to you and your wedding party. They will then check your wellbeing and that of your party.  They will then serve cooling towels to those who require them, either to cool them down or to calm their nerves.

Your chauffeur will then explain the day ahead and what to expect from your wedding car service. They will explain our procedures for entering and exiting the wedding cars.  They will offer to carry your wedding dress train from the departure point to the car, also from the wedding car all the way to the ceremony entrance to prevent it from getting dirty.

Moreover they will constantly check your wellbeing and that of your party.  Again offering mints, cooled water and cooling towels. Finally they will offer to carry any luggage to car and place it in the boot.

Luxury chauffeured wedding car services

Time for the wedding car to depart

Our chauffeur will arrange the departure of you and your party.  If you have bridesmaids or groomsmen wedding cars as well, this will be the first wedding vehicle to be loaded with your wedding party.  If it is raining your party will be escorted one at a time under the cover and protection of an umbrella. Your chauffeur will then attend to getting you into your car.

They will carry your wedding dress train if required and assist you into the wedding car. Also they will  assist the other passengers into the car. Again if it’s raining, you will be under the cover of an umbrella. Also other members of the party will be given an umbrella for their protection and then assisted into the wedding car.

Once in the luxury chauffeured wedding car, your personal wedding chauffeur will advise of the features of the vehicle.  Some like our Mercedes S350L exe even have massaging seats.  They will offer to turn on or adjust these to your requirements. (eg. heated, cooled seats, climate temperature etc.), they will offer to open your water for you.

The wedding car journey begins

Your wedding chauffeur will ask you to make sure you are ok and comfortable though out the journey as standard. Please be aware that proper chauffeur etiquette is that we do not speak unless spoke too.  Please do not think we are being rude.

However as trained professionals we observe people and their needs.  If we think you are very nervous we may start talking to you to help take your mind off the big moment ahead.

Chauffeur services

Arriving at the wedding ceremony

Just before you arrive, your chauffeur will again explain the departure details from the wedding cars.  They will explain that you will need to stay in the car until they let you out. Example would be, the Father of the Bride is the first to be helped out of the wedding car, again if it is raining we will shelter him with an umbrella.  (Then provide him with an umbrella).

Finally it is your turn, your chauffeur will liaise with photographers and videographers, so your exit is captured by them. Your wedding chauffeur will once again check your well being to make sure you are ok and if you need anything.

Your chauffeur will now open the car door and assist you out of the car, whilst taking care to carry your wedding dress train. Once again should it be raining they will shelter you with an umbrella. They will now walk behind you if desired carrying your wedding dress train until you are just inside the building, until it is safe to put it down, so it does not get dirty.

Wedding day 2020

During the wedding ceremony

During the ceremony, our chauffeur will clean and hoover the wedding car.  They will get your branded complimentary champagne out the cool box or car fridge. Prepare the bowls of mints, cooling towels and chilled water bottles.

If it looks like it is going to rain or is, they will place umbrellas near the ceremony exit. Also if it is cold, they will place blankets near the ceremony exit ready for your guests.

Finally they will pour 2 glasses of champagne ready to greet you with.

Congratulations your married

After the ceremony, your chauffeur will greet you and congratulate you with a glass of champagne each.  They will then check on your well being, whether you require anything else. Of course if it is raining, they will supply you both with an umbrella. Obviously at this point they will not offer to hold it for you. (Unless you would like them in your wedding photos and video).

They will now check the well being of your immediate wedding party, offering cooling towels, mints and chilled water. They will now offer mints to all the wedding guests, whilst observing any of them requiring the need for cooling towels or chilled water.  Also winter weddings we supply blankets as well for your guests. This is all part of our luxury chauffeured wedding car service.

Wedding day party

 Time to depart to the wedding venue

Your chauffeur will aid you both to the wedding car.  They will assist you into the vehicle, once again they will check on your wellbeing to enquire if you need anything.   So you are now seated comfortably with a glass of champagne in hand and a chilled bottle in the champagne bucket, the private drive begins.

Taking a much longer route of about 20 minutes. Hence allowing your guests, photographer and videographer to arrive before you, but most importantly giving you some private time together.  This is all included in the wedding car hire cost. From a wedding car hire in London or Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Arriving at the wedding venue

Again your wedding chauffeur will ask you to stay in the car until they let you out.  They will again liaise with the photographer and videographer for those all important photos.  Again they will then assist you out of the wedding car.  Then they will then present you with your first champagne cork as a married couple and give you the champagne bottle to take with you to finish.

Finally they will thank you for the day and wish you all the best for the future. They will then take your luggage out of the boot and to where it needs to be. The last job is to check the wedding car in case you have left anything behind. If you had personalised flags, they will remove these and present them to you.  Now it’s sadly time to say goodbye, we do hope you enjoy our luxury chauffeured driven wedding car hire services.

If you have any queries or questions about our first class chauffeur driven wedding cars.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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