Your perfect best wedding car

What is the best wedding car and how to find your perfect wedding cars for your special day.  So, what is your perfect wedding car?  Depending on your type of wedding theme and personality you will have some ideas.  Maybe, you have always dreamt of a Vintage Rolls Royce or a VW camper van.

Maybe, you are worried you have a large wedding dress, will you and your dress fit in the vehicle.  How do you balance your dreams, fashion and practicability when choosing a wedding car hire for your entrance?

It could be that until now you have not really thought about this. Ideally you should be planning, as you need to be comfortable and relaxed on the most important journey of your life.  Also what budget do you allow for your wedding car hire cost.

So what is the ideal wedding transport?  We have driven and ridden in most.

Romantic dream car

The romantic dream.  A Classic or vintage type vehicle, from the era of romance?  Some of these cars are replicas, so have a few mod cons fitted.  Although generally putting the romantic vision to one side. Most of these have very little ride quality in modern terms, you may have your bones rattled.

Most of them the climate control on a warm day is open the window.  Winter weddings will be of course be better as you would require heating not cooling.  Some cars are big and spacious, so a big dress can fit in quite easily.

Although once again a big dress in summer will make you very hot.  Add nerves to this and for your ultimate comfort and well being you really need climate control at least.

On the plus. Some of these types of cars really are stunning in looks.  Hence making them popular with brides.  Maybe all the discomfort that you may encounter, is worth it for the photos of the wedding and car.  Is this the best wedding transport option?

Fashionable wedding cars

Some cars have become very fashionable over the last decade and maybe labelled as the best wedding vehicle. Maybe a blast from the past from a lost youth or a road trip we wished we had gone on.

Yes the VW camper and Beetle are often seen at weddings.  Some campers are even now photo booths and bars on the back of the popularity. VW campers, I think we could all agree have never been known for their ride quality.

Comfort, array of interiors have been made available, with the restoration of these vehicles. Mostly still based on the bench seat interior design, so no spring seating here. Climate control, a few have portable air conditioning units inside, making the summer time wedding a little more comfortable.  Space, it has interior space for 4 people ideally, although more often than enough you see 6 people in them.

Wedding dress fitting, would depend on the amount of the bridal party you carry with you. Strangely people used to use these to escape from “it all” and go touring.

VW Beetle wedding car. In all honesty without removing the front passenger seat.  This vehicle has no room, if you have a large wedding dress. Save the stress, or change into it on your arrival.

If the front seat has been removed that’s better for you and your dress.  Although, if you have anybody else with you who is not driving, they are in for an uncomfortable ride.

Climate control, once again open the windows. Plus side, looks good in photos, if its a convertible you can stand up for more comfort.  Votes for best wedding vehicle.  Strangely not many.

Sports Wedding cars

Omg, the roar, the sound, maybe the best wedding car entrance you could make.  Choices from modern to classic.  However, mostly 2 seaters, so chauffeur driven this transports only normally the groom or bride.

From a range of Aston Martins, Audi R8s, Lambroghini’s and Ferrari’s. Coupes and convertibles a huge array of vehicles to choose from both in modern and classic cars. This really is a big entrance to your wedding day, but alas usually only for 1 person. For that 1 person this is the best wedding vehicle.

Best wedding car

Mercedes S63L AMG

Modern wedding cars

Modern wedding cars large enough to transport you in comfort.  Think of the luxury chauffeur driven cars in the world or even in London. Hence these are the vehicles that are equipped to transport you in the utmost comfort, style and class.

After all they do this everyday for the lucky few around the world. So what are the top cars. Without saying, of coarse Rolls Royce would be top of the list.  The name just says top of its game in luxury.  Closely followed by the Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes S Class and Bentley Mulsanne.  These are probably the 4 most luxurious chauffeur driven cars in the world.

Why?  Simple, this is what they were made for.  Transporting passengers in the ultimate comfort.  Yes these vehicles, were designed and built around passenger comfort and luxury.  Indulge in the spacious interiors, more than ample room for you both.

Wedding dress, you should have no worries about fitting your gown in. Comfort these wedding vehicles provide it all in abundance.  From the finest luxury climate control systems, including heated and cooling seats.  The finest leather seating, even including massaging seats.

The best suspensions for an effortless smooth ride.  Some even read the road ahead and adjust the suspension to the roads surface like the Mercedes S63L AMG.

Hence this is pure luxury, befitting the famous, the rich and even royals around the globe. VIP travel at its highest level in a car.

Chauffeur driven

So, of course the wedding chauffeur plays a massive role in luxury transport.  Unfortunately not all wedding chauffeur services are the same.  Some will just drive you and let you in and out of the car.

Some will do more and aid you in and out the car.  Few are with you all the way from the start of your wedding car journey.  Cleaning the car on arrival and then attending to your needs and wedding day wellbeing.

Whilst still ensuring the car is always clean and you want for nothing in their luxury chauffeur services.

So, a good chauffeur will enhance your experience of the ultimate wedding car experience for sure. Helping to ensure a perfect wedding day.

Best chauffeur driven wedding cars

Our wedding car fleet is available in London, Suffolk and Essex. Also Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire for the perfect wedding car hire.

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