Wedding Car Service with your personal touch

Adding the personal touch to your luxury wedding car hire service, to achieve your perfect wedding transport for your special day. We realise that every happy couple to be has their own wedding theme. For this reason all of our Mercedes wedding cars are white and mainly with the finest cream leather interiors. We feel this is the best colour combination for a wedding car. A classic timeless colour that easily fits all colour themes for your wedding day. Unfortunately though from our personal experience, quite hard to find. After all this is why we started our business.

Above supplying you the personal touch and attention to detail of our white glove chauffeurs. We also wanted to give you the choice of how your wedding car and wedding chauffeur would look on one of the most important days of your life.

After all anyone can drive a car, so we want to give you the best experience with your wedding transport. Hence by understanding your wedding day car hire requirements.

The finest chauffeur driven wedding car service that attends and cares about your well being and that of your bridal party.  A wedding vehicle that you can add your personal touch to.

After all its your wedding day, not ours.  Consequently it should revolve around you and your partner.  Without a doubt we are more than just a wedding hire company to get you to the church or venue.

A modern fleet of white Mercedes wedding cars is just part of the journey for your perfect wedding transport dreams.

Our luxurious wedding car service covers Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, London and Suffolk. If required we offer a uk wedding car hire and will travel nationally.

Wedding car ribbons

As standard all our vehicles are supplied with wedding car ribbons.  The wedding car ribbons we supply as standard are either white with gold writing or gold with white writing.  Available in bride and groom, bride and bride or groom and groom.  However, we do offer to match your wedding theme, so just inform us if you would like a different colour.  You can also personalise your wedding car ribbons.

We can supply them with your names on for example or the date of your wedding or even both.  Again, to a colour of your choice.  Also, if you choose to personalise you can keep the car ribbons as a momentum of your special day.  All our wedding car ribbons are silk.  We had them designed and especially made for us.  We use silk wedding car ribbons, as this causes less damage to the wedding vehicle than nylon ribbons.

Wedding car flags

No other wedding car company in the UK provides wedding car flags. We wanted to make the wedding vehicle regal looking and as extra special as possible for our VIP couples.  However, to enhance this even more you can add your personal touch to them.

Our standard flags offer the same colours as our wedding ribbons. Hence being either gold with embroiled white reading or vice versa. Also like the wedding car ribbons you can personalise them. Choose to have your names and date on them. Even choose a colour to match your theme if needed. The standard flags say either bride or groom.

An ideal momentum of your big day, if you choose to personalise your flags, you will get to keep them.  So, at the end of your wedding car hire, your chauffeur will present them to you both.

Choose your chauffeurs outfit

We give you the choice of six bespoke wedding chauffeur outfits to choose from. So offering you the choice to match your wedding theme or enhance it. Starting with a black or grey standard chauffeur suit. You can also choose to upgrade your professional chauffeurs uniform from four additional choices. All our chauffeurs uniforms are bespoke to us and made to measure.  Our six tailored chauffeurs suits are shown below.

Branded champagne as standard

We supply a bottle of branded champagne as standard to the happy couple.  We will serve you this as you exit after tying the knot to toast each other. Then it is placed back in the wedding car, ready for your 20-30 minute private drive.  All included in the wedding car hire price.

As everybody has different tastes, we also offer a choice of champagnes which you can upgrade to also. We are licensed to sell alcohol by Braintree district council, so we can also supply a champagne of your choice.

How to Dress your wedding car

No other wedding transport company offers you more choice. How to dress your wedding car?  At Simon’s White Wedding Cars you can personalise our luxury fleet of modern wedding cars.  Therefore you can choose your car ribbons, your car flags and even your chauffeurs outfit.  Consequently, all of which you can get an instant wedding car hire cost for, with the instant wedding car quote system. Even choose how to pay for you wedding car.

Moreover, you can personalise your ribbons and flags, upgrade your chauffeurs suit and even upgrade your champagne choice.  Plus a white gloved service to cater for all your needs in the ultimate luxurious wedding car service.

Adding the personal touch to your car ribbons.  Choose a colour to match your wedding theme.  Personalise them with your names and date of your big day.

Our car flags, again personalise them with your names and date of your wedding and a colour to match your theme.

For couples in love, we have you covered. With our bespokeable wedding car options ensuring you achieve the best wedding car.  We can even tailor our cars to your personal needs for your special day. Visit our wedding car shop to view all our limos for hire.

Personalise your wedding car

We give you more choices than any other wedding car company.  Choice to choose a colour to match your wedding theme.  Also the chance to personalise for your wedding day and kept.  Even choose your branded champagne.  Plus of coarse six bespoke chauffeur outfits to choose from.  So in making us the ideal wedding car company to enhance your big day.

LGBTQ friendly

LGBTQ friendly wedding car service.  Definitely, we have family and friends who are LGBTQ. So we believe Love is Love and People are people. Life really is that simple.

Hire your wedding car knowing you can bespoke it to your needs. The bespoke ribbons for example can say ‘ Bride & Bride ‘ ‘Groom & Groom’ in the colour of your choice.

In fact we can bespoke to your exact requirements.  Again the same is true of our wedding car flags.  To tailor your wedding day requirements is easy.

Just inform us of your desired personalisation of our bespokeable products and we will do the rest to make your LGBTQ wedding car perfect for your wedding day.

Plus a white gloved service to cater for all your needs in the ultimate luxury wedding car service.

Your perfect wedding transport

Your dressed wedding car, the way you need it, to make it perfect for your special day. Whether you need transport for just the 2 of you or a wedding party of 6. Our professional chauffeurs will take care of  the wedding day wellbeing of you and your bridal party so you arrive in the ultimate style, class and comfort.  Whilst matching your wedding day theme.

Add your own personal touch to your desired wedding car to suit your wedding theme. Luxury chauffeur driven wedding vehicles you can bespoke. Also available on our “yes to the dress” and Honeymoon airport transfer packages and services. With our Mercedes S500 Pullman in Essex and Suffolk.

Luxury wedding transport for hire in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, London and Cambridgeshire


Tailor your Wedding car with the following:

Ribbon for your wedding car hire Suffolk, you can also have tailored with your personal details if you wish

Car Ribbon

Make the most of your wedding car with these personal ribbons that Add a stylish touch by dressing your wedding vehicle, by personalising the ribbons with your own message and choice of colour for your perfect wedding car.


If you’re looking for the extra wow factor, our flags add a real sense of occasion. Elevate the level of sophistication even more on your wedding car by personalising them with your name and wedding date for the finest wedding car for you.

Wedding car Personalised flags
  • Wedding chauffeur Suffolk
    Black or Grey / Standard
  • Wedding chauffeur essex
    Classic long Suit
  • Wedding chauffeur hire in Suffolk
    Modern Suit
  • Wedding chauffeur hire in Essex
    Regal Suit
  • Essex wedding cars
    Napoleon Suit
  • Wedding chauffeur uniform

Chauffeur’s Attire

We have given you a few options to choose from for the Chauffeur to wear on your wedding day. These include black or grey (standard chauffeurs uniform), or upgrade from our selection of additional bespoke chauffeurs uniforms including our modern, traditional, Napoleon, regal suit options or kilt option, whichever best suits your theme.

Yes to the Dress

Take a shopping trip like no other. Live your best life with your best friends in a chauffeur driven luxury Mercedes Pullman limousine to help get you well on the road to making possibly the biggest decision of your wedding. No more window shopping, this is your moment to take centre stage and find the outfit of your dreams.

yes to the dress
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Why not indulge yourselves with one of our bottles of bubbles to really help you relax and unwind whilst cruising in your luxury wedding car to your wedding venue. Take a breath, sit back and enjoy with our choice of House Champagne, Moet, Veuve or Don Perigon

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