Why do some vehicles have flags on them? History indicates that car flags help distinguish important service vehicles around the world, perhaps most notably on Presidential and Royal vehicles. The flags symbolise that an important individual, whether political, royal, or otherwise, is a passenger on board the vehicle.

Wedding car flags

For example, vehicles in service to the White House often carry multiple flags. During international trips or visits from foreign dignitaries. The limousine displays, one of the USA and the flag of the visiting nation. Thus serving to honour the relationship between each country.

We wanted to do the same to honour the relationship between our couples.

Designing our flags

From the moment we started planning SWWC. We knew that wedding car flags were a must. Thus this would complete our white glove service, that we wanted our passengers to feel like a VIPs. After all, this is the biggest day of the happy couple’s life. So consequently treating them like VIPs en route to their wedding is the least that we could do!

Of course, a car flag is only part of this, as the vehicle itself must exude elegance and sophistication. So we needed a vehicle to enhance the class and style even more. Consequently which is why our hearts were set on the prestigious Mercedes S Class range of vehicles.

Grooms wedding car flags

Highest standards

Safety was paramount when implementing our wedding car flags. Hence so we spoke extensively with authorities regarding as aspects of health and safety. After this, we took the vehicles to a metal fabricator, who after several attempts, designed and fabricated a bespoke bracket.

It is a simple yet effective design – a custom bracket is bolted to the cars body work. Thus protruding from under the bonnet while holding a flag pole in place. The pole connects to a heavy duty spring that is attached to the custom bracket. Consequently the spring core is the main component of the safety design. So ensuring that the flag and pole fold away in the event of a collision. 

We also made sure that the flag designs were safe for the chauffeur. This involved developing the flags that were correct shape and size so they do not impair the chauffeur’s vision.

Once we were sure that we had the safest design for our wedding cars flags. Now it was time to have them inspected by the local licencing authority. We are delighted to have passed as safe vehicles with flags attached!

Our dream is now a reality!

Customise Your Wedding Car with Flags

We are the only wedding car company in the UK that provides wedding car flags. As we want our finest chauffeur driven wedding cars to look and feel extra special for our VIP couples. Our vehicles feel even more regal when combined with the white glove chauffeur experience. Which also you can add your own personal touch to your big day!

Tailored wedding car flag

Colour options available include:

  • Gold with embroiled white writing plus images of a bride and groom
  • White with embroiled gold writing plus images of a bride and groom
  • Other colours are available to match your wedding theme – contact for more information!

You can also customise the colours of the ribbons paired with your flags!

Simon’s White Wedding Cars is a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community. Hence we are happy to provide wedding flags that have images of two brides or two grooms.

That’s not all, as there are other ways to customise your wedding flags including

  • Names of the Bride and Groom
  • Date of the Wedding
  • Custom colours

Plus, at the end of the day you get to keep your personalised wedding car flags! At the end of the day your chauffeur will present these to you. The flags being a great memento of your wedding.

Of course, given how reliable the UK weather is, the car flags may get a bit wet. So if this happens, we will happily wash and dry them before posting them or dropping them off.

Wedding car decor

Decorating Your Wedding Car at SWWC

Personalising your wedding car with décor is a great way for it to match your overall wedding theme. This makes the vehicle a fantastic backdrop for many photo ops. So be sure to consider if you want to customise your wedding car transport here at SWWC!

Here’s how to add the personal touch that matches your wedding theme:

1.              Choose your preferred wedding flag colour.

2.              Add your own personal details to the flags.

3.              Match your wedding car flags with your ribbons.

4.              Keep your personalised flag as a souvenir of your wedding.

Also check out your other options in chauffeurs attire and the finest champagne choices.

NOTE: Please choose wedding flag personalisation on our instant booking system. As it allows us to streamline the process and ensure your wedding car hire meets all your needs well in advance of the big day.

Of course, we understand that you may change your mind regarding this! So, if you wish to personalise your wedding car décor. Please provide us with a minimum of 28 days’ notice. So this gives us enough time to ensure all requests can be met.

Personalisation of car flags and ribbons is also available on our luxury yes to the dress transport.

Plus our luxury honeymoon transport.

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