Choosing Our Chauffeur uniform

We understand that your wedding chauffeurs uniform is an important detail of the wedding. Also what we wear helps to compliment the overall white glove chauffeur wedding car hire service. Hence it’s an important attention to detail that we do not overlook.

So we knew that how we looked in our chauffeur uniforms on your wedding day was just as important as any other detail.  As well as complimenting our luxury white glove chauffeur wedding car hire service.  Thus understanding that attention to detail was paramount in providing a first class service.

We desired that our service would be the highlight of your special day.  Although we have a world class leading prestigious product.  So we needed the right appearance and the right range of options to fit all wedding themes.

So knowing that we could enhance your classic, vintage or modern wedding.  Also to offer uniformity that all our chauffeurs would look the same.  If you hired more than one wedding car.

We spend a few weeks viewing chauffeur uniforms from the past and present eras.  We also had to take into account how our wedding chauffeurs work.  So for example knowing on arrival, they clean and hoover the wedding vehicle again.  Then they put their jacket on, it then stays on until the wedding car hire ends.

During this time, with of course the exception on driving and hoovering.  You will never see them in the vehicle, as they are either preparing for you to reappear as the newly wed couple or serving you and your wedding guests. Constantly monitoring your wedding day well being.

Also for this reason we decided on collar less jackets, enabling them to wear a company t shirt underneath.  So now we had our general style and comfort sorted.  We designed and had our chauffeurs uniforms bespokely made to measure for each chauffeur.

After all how could we possibly offer a first class service. Without our drivers’ appearance meeting the high standards of our clients?

Attention to detail

So hence our goal is to provide a service that is one of the many highlights of an unforgettable day. Also that our appearance would play an important role in this.

We have a range of luxury wedding vehicles at your disposable. So it is only right that our own appearances match that of the wedding car! Of course, we also know that the theme of every wedding is different. So hence we provide a range of chauffeur uniforms. Thus to help you find one that matches your wedding theme.

In fact, we care so much about the appearance of our chauffeurs. That we also make sure all our shoes and chauffeur hats are the same. Also even our white gloves are remade with our logo embroiled on them.

Understanding the attention to detail required to deliver our luxury wedding car hire service. We have developed a meticulous process for how they prepare themselves and the vehicle.

For example arrival, they start by cleaning and hoovering the car again. Ensuring it is spotless for your big day, we repeat this at every opportunity during the wedding car hire.

Eg. Even when you are saying your wedding vowels, your wedding chauffeur is busy working. Cleaning and preparing the car for you once again. Also preparing your chilled champagne.

Choosing Your Chauffeur Uniform

There are six different chauffeur uniforms available. Thus making it easier to find the one that best matches your wedding theme. Hence with styles ranging from classic to modern.

This includes our standard uniform, which is available in either grey or black. Also resembling the classic chauffeur aesthetic most are familiar with.

Should you want them to exude more luxury. You can choose to upgrade your professional chauffeurs uniform, with a further four options available in this collection.

All uniforms are bespoke and made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. You can read about all six uniforms below. 

Standard Black or Grey chauffeur uniform

Standard black or grey chauffeurs attire.  The black version has a slight silver fleck in the material.  The charcoal grey is more a matt black colour.  The grey can be seen on our video on the home page.  Both come with matching trousers and the choose of a grey or black chauffeurs hat.  As standard black shoes and white gloves.

These modern stylish jackets are design to fit in with any wedding theme.  Whether you are having a classic wedding in Essex or a vintage themed wedding in Suffolk.

Chauffeurs uniform

Classic long suit

A stylish long jacket with buttons set to the side.  This really is our favourite chauffeurs uniform.  A very unique look from an old era mixed with a modern look.  This uniform is never out of place at any wedding and always attracts compliments.

As standard is worn with black trousers and shoes.  Also a black chauffeurs hat and white gloves to complete the look.

classic chauffeurs uniform

Modern Suit

A smart silvery grey jacket with a black fleck.  This really does look stunning and can be worn with either a black or grey chauffeurs hat.

This chauffeurs uniform is worn with black trouser and shoes as standard.  White gloves again complete the sophisticated image to enhance your wedding theme.

Chauffeurs suit

Regal suit

A very distinguished looking chauffeurs suit.  The Regal look ideally to fit in with either a classic or vintage wedding theme.  Dark grey in colour with detailing around the collar.

This wedding chauffeurs uniform is worn with matching trousers and a grey hat.  Again black shoes and white gloves complete the desired look.

Regal chauffeurs suit

Napoleon Suit

This stunning jacket really does add the bling factor.  Having a military background for attending the finest events.  In your finest dress uniform. Black in colour with gold colour chains and detailing.  Whatever the theme of your wedding, this is a head turner and talking point for sure.  Always very popular for photo requests from your wedding guests.

Again this chauffeur uniform is worn with black trouser and shoes.  White gloves together with a black hat complete the look.

Chauffeurs Napoleon uniform


Our final choice of chauffeurs outfit.  A classic kilt option, this will grace any wedding theme.  Fitting in with all styles and adding a traditional feel to any wedding day. At present this is bespoke to the chauffeur wearing it. Hence we can only hire it once per day.

Chauffeurs attire


We can and have adapted our chauffeurs uniforms on request to match your theme even further.  So please don’t be afraid to ask if you have an ideal for your wedding theme.

wedding car hire chauffeur uniform
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