Who Travels in the Bridal Party Car

So, who should travel in the bridal party car? Does the mother of the bride travel with the bridesmaids? Who travels with the bride? Have you wedding cars for large bridal party? These are some of the wedding car questions we frequently get asked by “couples to be” looking for a car to transport the bridal group. What time should the groom arrive?

In all honestly it varies on the size of the wedding car and the bridal group. Also tradition and wedding etiquette also play a role for many couples in deciding on their wedding transport needs.

Additionally, the style and size of the wedding vehicles available for your bridal party will have an impact on your travel plans. So, firstly consider the number of people you would like to transport to the wedding ceremony.

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Who should Travel in the Bridal Party Car

Often, wedding tradition will indicate that the bridesmaids and flower girls, if you have them, will travel in this vehicle. The amount of bridesmaids and flower girls can vary enormously, from often a minimum of 2 bridesmaids up to 8 (and at times more).

So most weddings probably average 6 bridesmaids and/or flower girls. Therefore transport would be needed to accommodate 6 people. Depending on size of dresses, the season and length of journey, you will need to make your vehicle choice.

Obviously you want your bridal party to arrive in style, but don’t forget comfort, especially if the journey is long to the ceremony. Cramming your bridesmaids into a vehicle that is too small, is not an idea start to their day or yours.

Additionally consider the climate at the time of wedding, no one wants to be sweating in a vehicle on a hot day. Also consider they may be nervous, so climate control in the vehicle should really be a top requirement.

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Does the mother of the bride travel with the bridesmaids

Traditionally yes, although the mother of the bride can be like the groom sometimes and forgotten in the transport arrangements for the wedding. So traditionally she would travel with the bridesmaids to the ceremony.

Normally the bridal party wedding car would travel in front of the bridal car. Consequently on arrival the bridesmaids and mother of the bride are helped out of the vehicle. Then either wait for the Bride and Father of the bride to exit their vehicle, by the entrance of the ceremony venue.

Sometimes the mother of the bride will go straight into the ceremony room, it is really down to the preference of the bride.

Transporting the mother of the bride
Mother of the bride, pick up Mill hotel

Order of transport arrival at the ceremony

In which order does the wedding transport arrive at the church or ceremony venue.

  • Grooms party
  • Bridal party
  • Bridal car

The grooms party will always arrive first, with the groom, best man, groomsmen and page boys.

Next the arrival of the bridal parties car, with the bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of the bride.

Finally the the grand arrival of the Bride with her father, or that important person giving her away.

Bridal Cars.

Planning your wedding transport

Traditionally the bridal party and grooms party prepare for the wedding day at separate venues. Then travel to the church or ceremony venue independently.

In planning your wedding transport, the best tip I could give you, is try to ensure that the 3 venues are close together if possible. Ensuring that the bridal and grooms party’s venues are close to the wedding ceremony venue.

The above advice enables that your chosen wedding cars can do multiple trips. So for example the bridal party car could transport the grooms party to the ceremony first. Maybe the bridal wedding car could transport the groom and best man first.

However, if you would like to take advantage of this tip, it will provide more value for money from your wedding car hire.

Bride and Groom transport

Bridal Car Transport

If you are looking for a vehicle for bridal transport, we have the fleet of luxury wedding cars to fulfil your needs. We provide the finest chauffeur driven bridal car for your wedding day, including our luxury white glove service.

A choice of four of the best Mercedes S class wedding cars in the UK. All supplied with free branded champagne for the newly weds and a 20 minute private drive to reflect on the big day so far.

Our wedding cars come equipped as standard with umbrellas and blankets. So rainy days or cool days you don’t have to worry about you or your wedding guests.

Mints, cooling towels and chilled bottle water are also available and offering to your party and wedding guests.

Your professional white glove chauffeur will also offer to carry your wedding dress train to prevent it from getting dirty before the ceremony. This and much more is all part of our luxury wedding car service.

Professional wedding chauffeur

Wedding cars for large Bridal party

A car to transport the bridal party, we have 2 wedding cars for a large bridal party, plus a party bus due in 2021.

Wedding cars for a large bridal party, we have 2 stretched 6 door limousine’s for hire. The fabulous Mercedes Pullman with a carrying capacity of 6 bridal members. Also our Mercedes E280 6 door limousine which can carry 7 of your party.

Both limousines have all the luxury amenities you require for your comfort, ensuring you will arrive in the ultimate style, class and comfort. Booking your wedding vehicle transport.

Chauffeur services

VIP Wedding minibus hire

We also have 3 luxury VIP minibuses for hire for your bridal party to transporting your wedding guests. These luxurious minibus can carry up to 13 passengers in first class luxury to the venue. The fantastic VIP Sprinter can transport up to 8 people. The ultra luxurious Mercedes VIP v class can provide wedding transport for up to 6 people. These spacious interior’s can accommodate the largest of dresses.

Refreshments, you can add champagne or Prosecco to enjoy the celebration en route.

Chauffeur driven vip minibus

Included as standard in our bridal Wedding car hire

We go above and beyond for our clients, including all the following standard items and services with every wedding car hire.

  • White Glove Chauffeur Service – Enjoy the ultimate wedding day VIP experience
  • Branded Champagne for the happy couple
  • Chilled bottles of still fresh water
  • Mints
  • Cooling towels
  • White umbrellas and blankets for your wedding day wellbeing
  • Phone charging kit
  • Serviettes and tissues
  • Sewing kit for emergency repairs
  • Silk flowers
  • Uniformed professional chauffeur
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Optional extras

Optional extras for your wedding car to transport bridal party. We offer a range of extras, to help you personalise your bridal car and wedding day.

Starting with your wedding car ribbons and flags, both of these you can personalise and select a colour to match your wedding theme.

Chauffeurs uniforms, a choice of 6 to enhance your classic, modern or vintage wedding theme.

Champagne, the option to upgrade your champagne to suit your tastes and desires for the special occasion.

Our bridal party wedding car hire is available in London and Essex. We also cover Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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