Thank you wedding cars

Thank you for helping shield us all in these uncertain times.  Simon’s white wedding cars is delighted to announce we are giving away a free wedding car to six couples to be. These couples will be chosen from the six categories listed below.

 However it does not stop there. We want to reward all our heroes, so every person nominated will also be a winner. Yes everybody will receive a discount code for our wedding car service.  To be used for their wedding day.

This is a thank you to all the amazing people working to keep us all safe, whilst the rest of us in are insolation. These are the heroes who care for our wellbeing. These are people that are emptying our bins, delivering our goods, serving us in shops, nursing us, volunteering or being our key workers.

Also included are all the back ground staff, that may clean, load the lorries or organise services. These people at present are the back bone of our society. 

So, we would like to give them something back. The perfect wedding day experience.  A free luxury wedding car for their big day to be. In the finest wedding chauffeur service.

Wedding car nominations

Please email us your nominations and of course your details. You can either enter yourselves or be nominated.  The only conditions are. That you are getting married, you fit into one of the categories listed below. Your wedding is in East Anglia or London.  Please use the contact us at the bottom of the page.

Please send us the details of your wedding. Hence the date, your names and the address of your wedding. Also of course which category you would like to be entered into, stating what you do.

 The 6 lucky winners of the free wedding car, will be surprised by us visiting them hopefully in June and then announced. (or after lockdown).

Entries close on 31/5/20.

Categories for entry

  1. NHS workers. This basically means anybody who works for the NHS
  2. Essential shop workers. This basically means anybody who works as an essential shop worker.  Whether you stack the shelves or clean the floors. So therefore, everybody is included.
  3. Refuse collectors.  Again everybody involved in the collection of our refuse during lockdown.
  4. Delivery. Everybody that is involved in ensuring our goods, parcels and letters are delivered throughout lockdown. 
  5. Volunteers. Anybody that is giving their time freely and helping others in this current climate.
  6. Key workers. Anybody that is a key worker and having to work during the Covid 19 epidemic

 So, we hope we have covered everybody.  If you can’t find a category for your essential work please contact us.

The chosen super 6 above will be treated to our luxury white glove wedding car service. Thus ensuring the ultimate luxury wedding car experience for their special day.  So, indulge in our VIP services as we take care of you and your wedding day wellbeing.

Thank you for taking care of all of us, we cannot wait to hear from you.

Wedding vehicles 

Six stunning white Mercedes wedding cars await you.  Plus the finest wedding chauffeur service in London and East Anglia.

To enter, you must live and be getting married in Essex.  Suffolk.  Norfolk. Cambridgeshire. Hertfordshire or London


Please use this link to enter for your free thank you wedding car. contact us

Wedding car winners announced 

 Thank you to all the people who nominated a hero.  Please visit wedding car winners to view more details.


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