2020 how will covid affect your wedding 

 2020 was set to be a massive year for couples getting married.  In 2019 it was quiet in the wedding industry compared to previous years.  The ring of 2020 was the popular choice of couples for planning their perfect wedding day.  Wedding suppliers could see the huge difference in the number of bookings being taken.  All was very rosy in the garden with 2020 set to be potentially a record year.  2020 started well with the happy couples to be getting married in January and February.  March came and started, but then everything ground to a halt.

The Covid19 pandemic had meant stopping all mass gatherings, the government had put social distancing measures in place.  Effectively the hospitality industry had been shut down to help protect us all around the world.  Churches limited the number of people allowed in to a ceremony for a short while and then stopped completely.  Lockdown had hit the world and all non essential shops and services were closed. 

Covid 19 latest and your wedding

 Your 2020 wedding 

Will my 2020 wedding go ahead?   The thought and worry of so many couples to be!  Some couples have already had to postpone their wedding day, some are hanging on and hoping they don’t have to.  Weddings to be in March, April and May.  Some of these rebooked for 2-3 months later, only to have to postpone again.  Some have postponed for 6 months looking to September to December 2020 still having their fingers crossed it may happen.  Most have managed to move all their preferred suppliers to their new wedding date with no increase in cost.  Most wedding supplies have transferred dates problem free, with no impact on cost to the couple.

A recent survey indicated that up to 64% of 2020 weddings would be postponed. The estimated figure in the uk being 130,000.   As the UK’s and the worlds lockdown continues, with public gathering and international travel limitations.  This has meant a wedding in the foreseeable future is near impossible.  Unless of course a cure is found!

 In May the uk government announced it may lift some restrictions.  Although social distancing and its measures would still need to be adhered too.

Wedding industry uncertainty 

The messages from the wedding industry are mixed.  Maybe some supplies just see the problem and understand it.  Hence, postponing weddings for at least 3 months ahead each day, until the situation changes.  Wedding venues of course are the most important, this is your desired venue for one of the biggest days of your life.  However, in the uncertainty, most are hanging on, supposedly awaiting for government instructions on future plans on social distancing.  I know of several of our customers, who still have not had their wedding date cancelled by the venue yet.  Although it is within the next 6 weeks,  however other customers with 10-12 weeks to go have had their date cancelled by their wedding venue.

Will your 2020 wedding happen

I answer this with no crystal ball,  just logic.  Unfortunately your wedding is probably coming under the hospitality category.  This will potentially be the last thing in our current situation to get back to normal.  Governments around the world are slowly releasing people from total lockdown, to a limited lockdown.  However while still keeping social distancing measures in place.  On the 19th March the church of England announced it was restricting the number of people attending to five.  This was only two months ago, in that time it has cancelled all weddings.

 Recently in May, it was announced that maybe some easing of the restrictions could happen in the next 2 months. However this would still involve social distancing measures and protection.

 So maybe you could have your wedding?

 Yes indeed maybe you could have your wedding.  Your dream wedding, that you have spend months and years planning.  The reality is no, unless you want face masks or protection in your photos, i am sure somewhere a company is already designing them.  The wedding breakfast with social distancing, two metres apart.  Puts a whole new meaning to wide lens cameras for sure. That is forgetting the size of table you may need.

 So sorry to say, your dream wedding is probably not going to happen summer this year.

Personally I think maybe November and December this year we may see weddings again.  Of course we would like it a lot sooner for all the couples to be.  The truth is at present no one can say for sure.  Maybe the impact on your wedding this year will be massive if it happens.  Guests, may stay away, some may not be able to travel and some being over 70.  Some of your loved ones won’t be there and the stress of not knowing after all that wedding planner.  May be there will even be restrictions on the numbers who are able to attend with social distancing laws continuing throughout 2020.  Is your wedding going ahead?

 How will and what will affect your wedding in 2021.

Weddings in 2021

So, 2021 is now set to be the biggest year for weddings.  With thousands of weddings from 2020 being postponed to 2021 due to the covid19 pandemic.  

How will this affect you and your wedding?  


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Covid19 and my wedding in 2020


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