2021 and your wedding

How easy will it be to get married in 2021 and get your dream wedding day.  So, at the beginning of 2020, the answer was probably easy.  With so many couples choosing the popular 2020 tag for their wedding date. Although of course 2021 also has a lovely ring to it.  However covid19 hit hard around the world, social distancing rules that basically shut down the hospitality industry.  Which the wedding industry mainly comes under that category. 

So, some original 2021 couples to be would have already booked the venue and a few suppliers.  This is quite the norm, then slowly as their wedding date approaches book more suppliers, until they have the perfect wedding day planned.  This is the pattern for every year.  We have for example our wedding cars booked anything from 2 years in advance to a month before the wedding date.  Sometimes even 24hrs before, because another transport supplier has let them down.

How will weddings in 2021 differ?  Unfortunately we estimate at present about 64% of weddings in 2020 will have been postponed. This figure will probably rise also as the year continues.

Most of these at present to 2021, although as the year continues and more weddings are forced to postpone dates will run out.  Especially weekends and the high season of June, July and August.  So some may have to postpone to 2022 even to get a weekend date maybe.

Planning your wedding

So planning your wedding early has probably never been so important.  If you are having to rearrange your date, you may have to settle for a day in the week, rather than the weekend.  2021 is probably now set to be the biggest year for weddings for quite a while.  The knock on effect of lockdown and social distancing forcing hundreds of thousands of couples to be around the world to postpone their wedding date.

So for couples still with a date in 2020, it’s kinda stick or bust maybe.  A lot of couples to be have already moved their date once, but alas unfortunately they may have to do it again. It is without doubt so sad, that some people it will be third time lucky.

So with this also in mind and the whole stress of rearranging, what is the best route for your wedding day well being.  Maybe caution?  Should you just put the date back a year?  We have seen a lot of couples do this, in all honesty it probably takes the whole stress and uncertainty away hopefully.

One thing is for sure, they is still a lot of July, August and September weddings booked for 2020.  This is peak time, so that could be a lot of weddings needing to fit into 2021.

How does this affect your wedding planning for 2021

The effect will be a shortage of quality suppliers for sure.  Without being the voice of doom, I would also expect many suppliers to unfortunately give up or go bust in 2020.  Which will add to your stress even more.  Unfortunately in these uncertain times it’s going to be hard all round.  Especially with the demand in 2021 for wedding suppliers.  2020 weddings have probably arranged all of their suppliers. so may manage to keep most of them as they have already booked them for their wedding day.  As mentioned earlier above, they is a normal time frame pattern to when couples to be book certain suppliers.

In 2021 that normal will have to change if you want your chosen wedding suppliers on your date.  In saying that, if you go for a weekday wedding you should stand a better chance.  Hence if not, you may be forced to look at 2022 for your dream day.  However, remember why you want to get married.  Love and the wanting to commit to your partner, to become Mr and Mrs.  Hopefully the days of shotgun weddings are well gone.  So you may have to wait longer for your dream wedding day, but you still love each other and that’s what it is all about.

Thank you from all the team at Simons white wedding cars for reading this post.  We do hope you have found it informative and it has helped you.  However bear in mind that some of the above are our personal views from our experience in the wedding industry.  Also taking into account the current affairs around the world at time of writing. 

We wish you all the best for your wedding day.  If you have any queries please contact us.

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Covid 19 and my 2021 wedding

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