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Finest White Mercedes Wedding car in Suffolk and Essex

Our luxury white gloved wedding car services in Suffolk. Wedding car hire at its highest level of luxury. We don’t just drive you! We drive to serve you, providing the ultimate luxury chauffeur driven experience. Our wedding transport hire in East Anglia and London provides the finest white Mercedes S class limousines and limos for your perfect wedding transport. So Providing the perfect colour theme for your wedding day.

So the finest luxury White Mercedes wedding cars together with our white glove wedding car service ensures you have the perfect wedding car for your wedding. Big wedding, big cars, our stretched limousines like our 6 door Mercedes Pullman and Mercedes E Class. Can seat up to 6 people in the ultimate style, class and comfort.

Also included in our luxury fleet of wedding cars we have 4 Mercedes S class Limos. Including maybe the only White Mercedes S class S63l AMG wedding car in the UK.

All our Mercedes S Class Limos are also the AMG line and the long wheel base version. Hence providing that all important extra leg room in the rear compartment. These are often seen transporting our happy couples around London and East Anglia. For more details on our vehicles please visit our wedding car shop

Moreover you can personalise your White Mercedes wedding car to match the colour theme of your wedding day. So choose your car ribbons colour, even personalise them with your names.

Also the same can be done with our wedding day flags. Ensuring you get the wedding car you need for your perfect wedding transport and day.

Taking care of your well-being on your wedding day

So, how your white glove service works. A professional chauffeur introduces themselves, a bowl of mints in hand. Offering the whole room a mint and making their way to the bride or groom. Straight away enquiring about your wedding day wellbeing, offering you a mint to lose that nervous taste in your mouth.

Enquiring if you are hot or stressing though nerves, then supplying a cooling towel and advising you where to place it  to aid calming you down. Now turning to your bridal or grooms party and offering the same service. As the cooling towels lower your body temperature, your chauffeur will explain the journey ahead.

Mercedes Wedding car service

They will explain our services. So if your a bride firstly enquiring if we can carry your wedding dress train to prevent it from getting dirty. We will carry your train from your destination address to the wedding car. Then from the wedding car to just inside the ceremony entrance.

If it’s raining, your chauffeur will explain how we use the umbrellas, which we have in each vehicle, e.g. hence the order in which we will escort your party to the bridal or grooms car, under the shelter of a white umbrella. Also the procedure for arriving at the ceremony.

So once you are in the wedding car, again your white gloved chauffeur will enquire of your well-being. Offering you chilled water and mints. Showing and explaining to you the features of the wedding vehicle. How to adjust the electric seats, how to use the heated or cooled seats.

If you are lucky enough to have booked the S63L AMG or S500L with their magic body control, it will be like a chauffeur driven ride on a magic carpet. Ensuring you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

So again this is also extended to your wedding  party guests at the ceremony in our Mercedes wedding cars.

Luxury white gloved wedding car service UK

Our luxury white glove wedding car service is like having your own personal butler. So your uniformed chauffeur will attend to all your needs and that of your wedding party. Please find more details by clicking this link. Luxury chauffeur services 

We drive to serve you,

White Mercedes wedding car hire

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